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Picture copyright 1997 A. Macpherson, The Gallery, Drumnadrochit
 £6million for 30 bookings!

The Scottish Tourist Board (STB) has announced it spent about £6million on its online booking website which, it claims got 70 million hits last season (I wonder...?)

The funny thing is that it's now admitted the whole farce only achieved 30 bookings! Why don’t the directors of the STB all hang their heads in shame and resign? Well, failure is no reason to quit, is it?

Rather than quit, STB's Chief Executive, Tom Buncle, has his eye on the future: He reportedly wants his contract renewed and much more money to waste (surely you mean “invest” - ED). But hey, it’s only tax-payers’ money that they are wasting and that grows on trees doesn’t it?

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