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Picture copyright 1997 A. Macpherson, The Gallery, Drumnadrochit
 The Ian & Fraser Show

IanIan Robertson, former Chief Executive of unelected quango, HIE, has quit to join the board of Morrison Construction plc (that's the the lot who are building the monstrous carbuncle beside Urquhart Castle. "Scotland's Millennium Dome", as some of us like to call it).

Funnily enough, Sir Fraser Morrison is the Chairman of Morrison Construction plc and he also used to be the Chairman of HIE. So Ian was the Chief Executive of the quango and Fraser was his Chairman. And luckily for Fraserís company, it managed to secure £millions in grants while Ianís been the top dog.

Apparently Ian would like a change of scene, so now he is leaving HIE, to join his old mate Fraser at Morrison Contruction plc! Of course, this has all been done in ďthe best possible tasteĒ.

Youíve got to admit itís nice to see two old friends together again and itís nice work if you can get it!

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