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Name: Hugh Gray
Date: 12 November 1933
Location: Mouth of River Foyers
Description: Large body 60 to 90cms above water causing great disturbance.
Comment: Nothing clear can be seen. Mr. Gray estimated it to be 12m long. Took 5 pictures - 4 blank.

Name: Robert Kenneth Wilson
Date: 19 April 1934
Location: 2.4km north of Invermoriston
Description: Head and neck above water, then diving.
Comment: 4 pictures taken - 1st one is the classical head and neck the 2nd is showing 'Nessie' diving.

Name: Sir Edward Mountain's Expedition
Date: 13 July 1934 for 5 weeks
Location: Various palces
Description: 21 pictures taken
Comment: Best picture showing 3.6m hump 100-150m away, throwing up great spray.

Name: F.C. Adams
Date: 24 August 1934
Location: Not known
Description: Long, dark object with flipper
Comment: Flipper like object looks like dolphin or whale.

Name: Lachlan Stuart
Date: 14 July 1951
Location: Whitefield - opposite Urquhart Castle
Description: 3 humps. Triangular. Seen on picture.
Comment: Long head and neck seen ducking underwater 15.5 - 17m overall.

Name: Peter Macnab
Date: 29 July 1955
Location: Urquhart Bay
Description: 2 long, dark humps seen in bay
Comment: Humps 12m long seen while taking picture of Urquhart Castle.

Name: H.L. Cockrell
Date: 1958
Location: Middle of loch off Invermoriston
Description: Long object laying on the loch
Comment: Large flat head 1.3m long seen before photo taken.

Name: Peter O'Connor
Date: 27 May 1960
Location: Near Foyers
Description: Large hump 5m long
Comment: Head on strong neck attached to large hump.

Name: Maurice Burton
Date: 22 June 1960
Location: Foyers
Description: Picture shows ring of ripples
Comment: Though to be otter under surface.

Name: R.H. Lowrie
Date: 7 August 1960
Location: Mid loch near Dores
Description: Picture shows 2 wakes
Comment: Green and brown object of12m long seen. Also seen by Mr. & Mrs Torquil Macleod on land.

Name: Peter Hodge
Date: 21 May 1964
Location: Off Achnahannet
Description: V wake moving away from camera
Comment: Calm surface seen with other people 60cm pillar like object.

Name: Patrick W. Sandeman
Date: 20 August 1966
Location: Not known
Description: V wash
Comment: V wake on calm loch

Name: Peter Dobbie
Date: 15 July 1967
Location: Urquhart Bay
Description: V wake with small object at head.
Comment: Smooth black tail rising and falling.

Name: Frank Searle
Date: 21 October 1972 - 26 February 1976
Location: Various locations
Descriptions: Pictures of various things
Comment: Now believed to be hoaxed.

Name: Alan Wilkins
Date: 18 July 1975
Location: Invermoriston
Description: Shows long, dark line
Comment: Black shape seen through binoculars.

Name: Anthony Nicol Shiels
Date: 21 may 1977
Location: Taken from Urquhart Castle
Description: Head and neck 11.5 metre high
Comment: 2 pictures taken - head turns between shots.

Name: Geoffrey Watson
Date: 3 September 1978
Location: No details
Description: No details
Comment: No details

Name: Alexander Williams
Date: September 1981
Location: Not known
Description: Not published
Comment: Taken while out fishing.

Name: Jennifer Bruce
Date: 1982
Location: Urquhart Bay
Description: Head and neck sticking out of water.
Comment: Nothing seen when picture taken.

Name: Not known
Date: 12 August 1992
Location: 2 miles from fort Augustus
Description: Wake with object at head.
Comment: Head and neck seen then 4 or 5 humps.

Name: Edna MacInnes
Date: 22June 1993
Location: Near Dores
Description: Pictures show wakes moving down loch.
Comment: Object seen from both sides of loch.

Name: James Brown
Date: 26 August 1994
Location: 2.5km north of Fort Augustus
Description: Black object moving across loch.
Comment: 1.2m wide, 1.8m long oval body.

Name: Lorna Taylor
Date: September 1995
Location: Near Urquhart Castle
Description: Head neck and body seen rising out of loch.
Comment: Nothing seen when picture taken.

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