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20011 Sightings (total 3)

7 September 2011
Jon Rowe, a fish farm worker from Lewiston photographed a large dark shape in the water near Dores Fish Farm at 8.30am

15th June 2011
Mr & Mrs Hargreaves of Foyers reported seeing a creature with a long neck which appeared for 30-40 seconds near the village of Foyers

24th May 2011
William & Joan Jobes photographed a creature in the loch while walking along a path beside the loch at Fort Augustus

2010 Sightings (total 1)

20th November 2010
Richard Preston of Yorkshire took pictures of mysterious humps near Aldourie Castle, where he was working as a landscape architect.

2009 Sightings (total 1)

6th June 2009
Douglas MacDougall spotted a hump in the water near the Clansman Hotel.

2008 Sightings (total 2)

22nd May 2008
Gordon Holmes from Yorkshire was undertaking his new expedition (Net Nessie 2008) when he recorded an unexplained sonar contact 60 feet down in the Loch. During his stay he went on to record a further two contacts at various points in the loch.

10 February 2008
Brenda Ellis from Foyers took four snaps on her mobile phone of a creature moving north in the water near Inverfarigaig on the south side of the loch. She said the creature was black/brown in colour and was spotted moving in the water for 10-15 minutes.

2007 Sightings (total 2)

26 May 2007
Gordon Holmes of Shipley, Yorkshire, took a video of an unknown creature at 9.50pm from a layby at the north end of the loch. He described the creature as 4-6ft long , swimming at around 6mph.

27 March 2007
Sidney and Janet Wilson photographed a strange animal from the back of cruise boat near Urquhart Castle

2006 Sightings (total 1)

28 January 2006
An Inverness lady was driving south at 11.30am on the A82 near the youth hostel at Allt Sigh. She stopped as she saw a black cone shaped creature circle round in a whirlpool like motion about one quarter of the way across the loch. Familiar with the loch she said that she had never seen anything like it before. The sighting lasted 4 minutes and the weather conditions were clear with no wind.

2005 Sightings (total 4)

15 October 2005
Robbie Girvan, owner of the Loch Ness Caravan Park at Invermoriston, took five pictures of what he described as a 4 feet high head and neck at 6pm when he was walking his dogs by the loch shore. He said he saw a long neck come out of the water and had time to return to the house, get his camera, and return to take the pictures. Previously a non-believer, he said that the ‘dark green and silvery’ creature could only have been Nessie.

9th September 2005
A retired Master Mariner was cruising just south of Urquhart Bay in a Caley Cruisers boat at a speed of 9 knots when they were overtaken by an unknown object which was between them and the south shore. Unlike anything any of the three people on the boat had seen before, the sighting lasted several minutes with whatever it was only disappearing as they moved the boat towards it. A regular boat user on the loch, the captain said that there was no rational explanation for what they had seen.

28th August
Kelly Yeats and Neil McKenzie from Bridge of Dee were staying at Foyers Bay House when they saw a ‘long necked, curved headed’ creature in the loch at 8.30 in the morning. The sighting lasted 10 minutes.

11th August
Mr Bell and his family from Newcastle watched what they described as the head of a large animal move through the loch at 6pm in the evening. The family, who were on the veranda of a holiday lodge at Foyers at the time, said that the head was larger than that of a cow and was about 1/3 of the way across the loch. Regular visitors to the area, they were convinced it was not a boat wake or wave movement that they had seen.

2004 Sightings (total 3)

17 August 2004
At 4pm, Tom Clegg of Worcestershire saw three dark humps 150m out from the shore between Invermoriston and Fort Augustus. He said it was definitely animate and there was no boating activity in the area at the time. The sighting lasted for 5 seconds.

Sunday 11th April 2004
Two holidaymakers were walking along Dores beach at around 10.00 am when they noticed an object in the water. It was there for around 5 minutes moving very slowly from left to right. The object was around 200 to 300 feet away and was no more that 2 or 3 feet out of the water.

5 February 2004
Spotted on the Nessie on the Net webcam, a regular Nessie watcher snapped something come out of the water and disappear a few minutes later. This happened during the day close to Urquhart bay with all the normal explanations being discounted by experts.

2003 Sightings (total 2)

1 June 2003
The captain of local cruise boat “The Royal Scot” reported seeing a fast moving v-shaped wake on the surface of the loch at 2.10pm. The water was very calm at the time and the wake was said to be about 1000 ft long with the creature at the head of it travelling at about 35mph.

23 May 2003
Local coastguard skipper George Edwards saw a six foot long creature surface for about 2-3 minutes close to Urquhart Castle at around 1.00 in the afternoon. He said it was dark grey in colour and had a rough texture to its skin – it came out of the water about 18 inches.

2002 Sightings (total 3)

10 August 2002
A man travelling on the A82 towards Fort Augustus saw an unknown object cross the water at speed. It created a substantial wake and was above the water for about 15-20 seconds.

13 April 2002
A local man and his daughter spotted something moving at the head of a wake across Urquhart Bay. They had a clear view on a calm surface for about 5-10 seconds of the object which was about 200 metres out from Urquhart Castle.

27 February 2002
Two local residents of Dores at he north end of the loch saw something move quickly from Tor point to the Clansman Hotel They said that it created a wake and there was definite splashing from the head of whatever the creature was.

2001 Sightings (total 4)

12 August 2001
A man on holiday from Duns saw a black hump in the water near the Invermoriston Caravan and Camping Park. It appeared for 3-4 seconds and was also seen by his grandson.

5 August 2001
Andrew Bain from Aberdeen was watching the loch from Fort Augustus at around 9pm. He saw a large black form rise from the water and remain visible for around 5 seconds. A smaller black hump then appeared close to the first before disappearing.

5 May 2001
James Gray from Invermoriston took a series of five picture showing a head and neck coming out of the water near the Invermoriston bay. The creature was about 30m from his boat and quickly disappeared below the surface of the water.

10 January 2001
Dougie Barbour from Glasgow took pictures of a wake moving against the current from a layby near the Clansman Hotel during the mid afternoon.

2000 Sightings (total 12)

4 September 2000
Fort Augustus man saw two humps in the water close to Cherry Island at the South end of the loch.

23 August 2000
Robert Pollock of Glasgow filmed a creature in the water for 3 minutes in Invermoriston Bay. It moved about and then disappeared below the surface.

3 August 2000
11.15.a.m. Two students touring the Highlands saw curious v-shaped wake moving through the water, off Boleskine and near Foyers.

13 July 2000
Melissa Bavister and Chris Rivett, on holiday in the area, took a picture of a large double humped object in the middle of the loch.

22 June 2000
1.00 p.m. David Myers saw a 'triangular shaped mound' rise out of the water to a height of about two feet.. Sighting occurred from loch side close to Clansman Hotel.

Gavin Joth, a Canadian watching the Loch Ness webcam, snapped a number of pictures of a head and neck type object crossing Urquhart Bay.

16 May 2000
Jonathan Whitehead, an ornithologist. While on a walking trip around the loch, at about 10.30 a.m. he saw what appeared to be a head and neck sticking out of the water as he looked across Urquhart Bay.

15 May 2000
A local man saw a head and neck just off Tor Point at the north end of the loch at around mid morning.

17 February 2000
Allan White and family, from Australia were looking out over the loch from the A82 from Inverness. They saw a dark shape emerge on the water about half a mile away.

12 February 2000
James Dalton. While visiting the loch on a day trip from Aberdeen saw an unusual movement of water, as something broke the surface near Horseshoe Scree.

8 January 2000
John Catto, a former soldier saw a fifteen foot long object in the water as he made his way to Drumnadrochit. The object was about five feet tall.

3 January 2000
Melvin Hughes, his wife and two children.. At a distance of about half a mile saw from above Foyers from picnic area a black neck and head emerge from the water mid way across the loch and cause a water disturbance as it progressively moved in the water.

1999 Sightings (total 4)

It was around 11.30 a.m. when a couple touring the area spotted in Urquhart Bay what they first thought to be a car tyre on the surface of the loch.

It appeared to be about three feet long and one foot tall at its highest point. The object then moved against the waves formation in the area creating a wake as it did so. The couple saw some kind of water disturbance about three feet behind the black coloured object, which appeared to rise slightly out of the water before submerging.

A couple on holiday from Huntly witnessed a creature in the middle of the loch at 9am. They watched as it moved up the loch for a period of around 20 minutes close to the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park. An experienced whale watcher, the man said that he had never before seen anything like it.

A group of 6-7 people saw a head and neck rise from the water 200 yards from the south shore of the loch. The watched as a black shape rose and then disappeared only to reappear a few minutes later. The was witnessed from a lay by opposite Urquhart castle. One witnessed described the head as being about 18 inches in height.

For the first time in since June 1963, Nessie was spotted out of the water on the shores of Loch Ness by an American visitor to the area. This unique sighting took place at 8.30 in the evening on the beach between Dores and Foyers where the creature, said to be between 10-15 metres in length with a long neck, scurried off into the water as the man approached.

Note: as with all sightings, the we keep the names and addresses of those reporting the above incidents private. They are however available to bona fide researchers from the fan club.

1998 Sightings (total 12)

A local couple saw a hump shape like an upturned boat for about 10-15 seconds during the afternoon of New Years eve.

A local woman was a passenger in a car travelling north along the loch side when she saw a head and neck appear from the water at 1510 hours.

A Hertfordshire couple on holiday in the area saw a large creature moving under the waters of the loch at 1100 hours about half way up the loch..

A local van driver spotted something in the flat calm waters of the loch at 1100 hours near Cherry Island.

A monster hunter undertaking an early morning watch of the loch reported a strange fast moving wake near the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park at Invermoriston.

A Newcastle man and his family were aboard the boat "Nessie Hunter" when the man videoed an unidentified creature just south of Urquhart Castle.
An Invermoriston woman saw a wake and humps travel across the loch towards them at 2130 hours.

A man visiting from Fife saw a high speed v-shaped wake appear in the middle of the loch.

A group enjoying an evening cruise on the "Jacobite Queen" saw a large object in the water near Urquhart Castle.

Four men saw a large creature in the loch early in the morning near Inverfarigaig.

A Marlborough woman reported a black object about ten feet high in the water directly beside Urquhart Castle.

A couple on holiday saw a large creature in the water from the hills above Inverfarigaig.

1997 Sightings (total 12)

A black hump appeared in the water near the jetty at Fort Augustus. A man on holiday from Birmingham took two photos of the creature.

A large dark coloured object appeared in the water near Abriachan and moved through the water at speed.

A camper staying at the Loch Ness Caravan and Camping Park at Invermoriston reported a strange incident which happened at 3 o'clock in the morning.

The "Royal Scot" reported a similar contact at a depth of 300 feet to those spotted on 2 July.

The "Royal Scot" from Fort Augustus had two sonar contacts at a depth of 400 feet in a trench just north of Fort Augustus.

A dark object was spotted moving swiftly across the loch about one mile south of Urquhart Castle at 0900 hours.

A pole like object appeared from the water near Dores on top of which was a small head that looked around before disappearing.

A woman visiting from the Isle of Skye reported to the Drumnadrochit hotel that she had seen something in the water near Foyers.

Richard White of Muir of Ord was travelling down the south side of the loch when he saw a number of black humps moving through the water about 200m from the shore.

A South African couple on holiday at Loch Ness reported to the Drumnadrochit Hotel that they had seen two humps near Aldourie Castle.

A local man from Glenurquhart reported seeing two humps in the water close to Abriachan.

A family reported an object travelling quickly through the water near Foyers.

1996 Sightings (total 17)

Cigar shaped object seen at entrance to Caledonian Canal at Fort Augustus.

Large black 'lump' seen travelling across loch towards Dores from Abriachan.

Dark hump appeared twice in quick succession between Dores and Abriachan. 9.4.96
Shiny black object with 30 foot trail spotted just north of Fort Augustus.

Two humps rose from water and left trail behind - north of Fort Augustus.

Dark object with head and neck visible followed for 4 miles down loch.

Object and wake seen just off Urquhart Castle around midday.

Photo taken of 'something spooky' at the loch - photo now with NASA.

Frothy disturbance seen near Foyers in the evening by 16 people.

Two black lumps appeared from water between Dores and Abriachan.

Dark hump appeared off Invermoriston - seen by two people.

Black shiny hump seen off pier at Fort Augustus in late afternoon.

Photo taken of unidentified object in water opposite Urquhart bay.

Photo taken of 'solid black object' in water across from Abriachan.

Head and neck photographed off Invermoriston Camp Site.

Two humps and a tail spotted by fishermen near Invermoriston.

Several 'black and shiny' humps appeared in middle of loch near Abriachan.

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