Operation Cleansweep and the High Priest of British Witchcaft
- the "Loch Ness Battle of the Broomsticks"!!!

TEMPORARY PAGE - This page is a temporary collection of cutting room floor images which will be replaced with high quality stills and audio/video soon.

Tuesday 24 April 2001 was to prove to be one of the most amazing days at Loch Ness. The Swedish monster hunter Jan Sundberg had scheduled a press conference to unveil his plans to catch Nessie with a net. But Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of the British White Witches had other plans. He travelled up from his home at Hastings in England, to cast a special spell at Loch Ness to save Nessie from capture.

Gary and White Witch
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An amazing day for Scottish Tourism - well done to Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club for generating so much media interest in today's incredible events.

President Gary leaves in his limo. It's been a hard day's work. Thanks to Full Stretch Limos in Inverness for the use of their stunning new wagon.

President Gary Campbell, tired and off home!

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