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 Nessie 2000 Hydrophonic Expedition

Listen to sounds from beneath Loch Ness

Aboard Highland CommanderThe Nessie2000 Expedition took place on Loch Ness between 20-26 March 2000. Hydrophones supplied by the Swedish navy were used to "listen in" on Nessie, feeding their audio signals via a radio transmitter to an onboard computer system.

Some thirty hours of sounds were recorded at different locations including Urquhart Bay, Clansman Hotel, Cherry Island, Foyers and Achnahannet.

Early analysis of the tapes revealed several strange sounds. Comparison with GUST's database of sounds produced matches for eels and pike. However, some of the sounds were not identifiable and the tapes are now being sent to the Swedish Navy's sound analysis labs.

Cherry Island Nessie2000 was made possible through the generosity of Inverness based Caley Cruisers, who made their Highland Commander vessel available. Caley Cruisers have over fifty quality boats available for hire on Scotland's Caledonian Canal, which, of course, includes Loch Ness.

Gary Campbell, President of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club organised many aspects of the expedition and PR.

Mikko Takala, webmaster of this website, provided support services and technical back-up. It is hoped to analyse the sounds using special scientific techniques.

The process could be similar to that used by Nasa's SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) as they hunt for signals that may reveal the resence of life elsewhere in the universe.

Loch Ness press conferenceBookmark this page for further news and research results as they become available.

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