The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club

The Official Loch Ness
Project Support Pack

Welcome to the The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club Project Support Pack - all you ever needed to complete that school or college project on Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

As well as accurate and unbiased historical facts about the monster, you will receive the most up to date information available about what's happening at Loch Ness.

This will include details of the most recent contacts with (and sightings of) Nessie, what expeditions are being held and any other work that is being carried out at the loch at this time - please note this information is not available in any books on sale today - remember, the most recent books on the monster are now some two years out of date.

In addition, we will send you our exclusive postcard and brochure pack - to get this any other way you would have to come to Loch Ness and visit all the attractions in person. The brochures will add to your understanding of the effect that Nessie has had on the local economy and also offer an insight into how her story has remained in the public domain for over 1400 years. The postcards give a colourful insight into the many interpretations of what Nessie might actually look like. This practical addition to the pack will complement the research that you will already have done and seriously impress those who will see your work.

This is what you will find in the Project Support Package :

  1. The essential facts.
  2. Geological make up and history of the area.
  3. Monster sightings through the ages.
  4. Attempts to prove Nessie exists.
  5. The scientific evidence.
  6. Fakes, Jokes and Hoaxes.
  7. The economic impact of the Loch Ness Monster phenomenon.
  8. Current developments and a look to the future.
  9. Sample list of sightings including all the latest reported.
  10. Postcard and brochure pack.

Please contact for more information. Thank you.