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Lizzie the Loch Lochy Monster.

Some of the documented sightings of Lizzie over the years.


Two local gamekeepers saw what they thought was a floating log in the loch. When they looked at it with a telescope they could see that it was actually a large living creature which they followed for one mile before it dived, never to resurface.


A man living on the loch side saw a strange creature in the water one day - he told his wife never to wash her clothes there again!


Maurice Burton was sent a photograph taken at the loch - it showed a dark mass in the middle of a patch of foam. According to legend the object disappeared below the surface of the loch a few seconds after the photo was taken.


In July of that year Eric Robinson and his family were staying in a caravan near Glen Fintaig when they saw what they thought looked like a standing wave but through binoculars could see that it was a large living creature. As it started to move south a huge back rose and looked to roll over. At this time they saw a fin or paddle appear. The creature had a main body length of 15 - 20 feet and an estimated overall length of 30 -40 feet. It was dark on top with a light underside. This sighting was witnessed by nine other people.


Mrs Margaret Sargent of Fort William was passing the loch with her husband and family near the Corriegour Hotel when they saw an unusual wake on the flat calm loch. A long black shape could be seen moving through the water. As she took a photo, the object disappeared below the water and the subsequent picture showed only the wake.


Staff and guests of the Letterfinlay Lodge Hotel saw an unidentified creature moving in a strange fashion through the waters of Loch Lochy opposite the hotel.


Local gamekeeper Alastair Stevenson reported that a 15 - 20 foot creature had taken his rod and tackle while he was fishing by the loch. He said it was something akin to catching a rowing boat.


The first ever expedition to look for Lizzie was organised by the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club in July. On the first day of the search an 18 - 20 foot object was detected on sonar 160 feet down in the loch out from Letterfinlay Lodge hotel. On turning the boat to follow the creature, it was re-located at a new depth of 200 feet only two minutes later. The contact was then lost. This encounter took place in the middle of the loch above a trench where the depth of the loch falls to over 300 feet. The club intends to carry out further research in the future.

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