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Last updated January 2001

There were 11 sightings in 2000.

But in 1998, Nessie was in the news for a number of reasons, unfortunately none of which involved her putting in an appearance.

The year got off to a busy start with the Scottish Office releasing details on New Year’s day about the quest for Nessie at official levels during the past few decades. This was done under the government’s freedom of information initiative and caused quite a stir in monster circles. The reason for the upset was that it appears that in the past various government departments have been contacted regarding the monster, but none appeared to want to take any responsibility for her well being or otherwise.

This attitude was summed up by a quote by one mandarin commenting on a request for information on Nessie: "this seems to have been passed through every department apart from the Ministry of Funny Walks, where it belongs".

Obviously, the Scottish Office could not care less about the monster which seems a bit sad to us at club HQ.

The next issue that confronted us was the discovery in January that an American in Las Vegas has set up the "Official Nessie Fan Club", in clear breach of our copyright. When I contacted him about this not only did he claim ownership of the fan club name but also that of Nessie herself.

Needless to say many locals were up in arms about this and we had to ‘go public’ with the matter in a bid to put him right. He has now backed down on his claim over Nessie, but not before he threatened me with a $5million lawsuit for supposedly harassing him. He is still on the periphery of things though and in typical gung-ho style is now saying that he is going to flood the market with Nessie souvenirs - he obviously thinks he has found something new!

The latest piece of Nessie news is that the only picture taken of her last year has won a national award. The picture, taken on 21 March 1997 by local man Richard White, shows what appears to a head and neck coming out of the loch close to Urquhart Castle. The picture, one of a series of ten, won the William Hill "Best Nessie Sighting of the Year award" (which was offered at that time) which left Richard £500 better off. He is also being flown to Canada to appear on national television which will help spread the Nessie word worldwide.

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