Shocking new evidence that Nessie hunts for food on land

Press Release 27 April 2005

In this image you can see that Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, has ripped a tree out of the ground and thrown it like a toy across the footpath.

lochnessmonster1.jpg - 38619 Bytes

No natural phenomenon could move a tree like this - notice how the ground around it is not disturbed...Nessie has carried this tree away from its original location.

lochnessmonster2.jpg - 58161 Bytes

The sheer power of the beast that lives in Loch Ness is terrifying. Professor Plume is applying for special army units to safeguard the local population and livestock while he continues to hunt down the monster.

lochnessmonster4.jpg - 45257 Bytes

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