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February 2021
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The Loch Ness
Internet Exhibition

Incorporating "The Loch Ness Inquirer & Inquisitor"

Welcome to the Loch Ness Internet Exhibition. This site is dedicated to researching Nessie and other paranormal phenomena around the Loch Ness area. We work in close cooperation with the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club and our sponsors, the top award winning Nessie on the Net! website and intend to bring you more or less exclusive Nessie the Loch Ness Monstercoverage of our interesting, original and official research work.

This exhibition was orginally opened by the world renowned meteorite researcher, Lord Stonecatcher PhD on 29 February 1999.

Look out for a massive new pseudo scientific Loch Ness website filled with amazing and unique evidence from the deep, dark, watery maelstrom...

Many other Loch Ness sites look like staid and washed out old museums that only tell you what happened here years ago, we, however, are keeping this as a living exhibition of what is happening today, tomorrow AND BEYOND!

Remember - we live in a dangerous world so be a bit wary of men with beards and don't "go regular" when you can "go LARGE" with us!

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