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Nessie on the Net - Pylon Pressure

The very heart of the Highlands is under a sustained and bloody attack. A hideous energy company is hell bent on plastering our countryside with massive metal mega pylons to remove electricity from the Scottish Highlands and take it down south towards London. Itís a modern day story of the Highland Clearances; a poor but beautiful land scarred forever and a people raped by a greedy and corrupt English government. Scotlandís landscapes will be blighted, its fragile wildlife including red kites and golden eagles killed. And for what? So that greedy shareholders and directors of Scottish Southern Electric company can grow even fatter and richer.

We do not have a lot of time to stop this violation of Scotlandís most precious countryside. The plans are enormous in their scale; the arrogance behind this plan is breathtaking and the damage will last for generations. Children in their homes and schools will be placed in grave danger of developing leukaemia from the effects of mega-sized 400,000 volt power lines placed nearby. The places you cherish or perhaps wish to come and visit will be turned into ugly metallic spidersí webs as they bulldoze through the fragile flora and fauna to erect giant pylons nearly 70m (210f feet) high and SEVEN times the volume of the existing ones. Imagine what they will look likeÖImagine the damage and harm they will causeÖ

Trust us on this; we all have to get together and stop this disaster from happening.Remember Ė every individual objection counts - from you, your children, your friends and your colleagues. It is their future that is being stolen from them.

At this point I will not overwhelm you with statistics or the lies the government and others are telling us to try and hoodwink us all and force this through. We need to force a full Public Inquiry where we can blow the lid off this awful scheme and bring out the better alternatives that will save Scotlandís health, environment, beauty and heritage.

The government may have raped, robbed and destroyed the ancient landmark Urquhart Castle, by Loch Ness for no better reason than shameful greed but together we can stop this new sin against Scotland.

Thank you from the team at Nessie on the Net including Scotland's Officially Original Loch Ness LiveCams.