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Archived: Urquhart Castle is now ruined. This is the archive of the fight to save it. Please BOYCOTT ALL Historic Scotland properties. They want to pollute beautiful Loch Ness. Read more here.
As Mary Scanlon MSP said, "heads must roll". The new view from Urquhart Castle
Urquhart Castle visitor centre - yuck!

Historic Scotland creams the castleUrquhart Castle 2001
Picture copyright 1997 A. Macpherson, The Gallery, Drumnadrochit. Photos Copyright 2001 Dick Raynor
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 Campaign to SAVE Urquhart Castle
The cash greedy ruin of Urquhart castle by the contemptible quango Historic Scotland has begun. Please stay away from the Castle and Historic Scotland's other properties. Don't give them your money - they have shown how much they deserve your trust..

Urquhart Castle is finished as a historical and cultural location and a valuable beauty spot. There is nothing left for a visitor to see and cherish. It's all been raped for greed and it's all gone.
*** April 2001 ***
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The Public Inquiry
[UCAG Final Submission]
[Council Final Submission]

[Comments from Past Visitors]
Archive - The Fight to Save Our Heritage
[Hysterical Scotland's "dawn raid"]

The Politicians
[Charles Kennedy - Local MP]
[John Farquhar Munro - Local MSP]
[Peter Peacock - Formely Convenor, Highland Council]
[Paddy Paterson - Local Councillor]
[The Community Council]

Internet Campaign Archives
[Jan 98 Archaeological Evidence]
[Mar 98 Gov snubs NET petition]

[Official Loch Ness Fan Club]

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