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South African to Run Scotland's Millennium Dome

Hysterical Scotland, that particulary nasty and useless little unelected quango has chosen its new boss for the ugly new carbuncle they have built to despoil Urquhart Castle.

After receiving over twenty “quality applications” Hysterical Scotland made its choice. Folks, it’s official: Scotland’s Millennium Dome will be run by a South African (although his dad originally came from Inverness).

Perhaps the poor fellow hasn’t visited the site recently because he told the local newspaper, “Urquhart Castle is unmatched for its history and picturesque setting and I am looking forward to being in charge at the beginning of a new phase which will enhance what we offer visitors” (definitely no sign of towing the corporate line here!!!) I think he must mean that it “used to be unmatched for its picturesque setting”. Take a look at the castle pages and make your own minds up!

Still, one thing is for sure: Day by day, Hysterical Scotland's "attraction" looks more reminiscent of an old style South African military bunker surrounded by high-level wire fences and steel grids, than a visitor centre in a beauty spot.

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