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Historic Scotland Lied to Us All And Ruined Loch Ness Urquhart Castle Forever.
Archived: Urquhart Castle is now ruined. This is the archive of the fight to save it. Please BOYCOTT ALL Historic Scotland properties. They want to pollute beautiful Loch Ness. 
As Mary Scanlon MSP said, "heads must roll". Here you can clearly see that Urquhart Castle is being turned into nothing than a "milsch cow" to attract Nessie spotting tourists into Hysterical Scotland's £4 million pound "tartan tat" and hamburger joint.
As you can see, it's too late to save this once beautiful place, but another battle is raging in Glencoe. The National Trust for Scotland want to build a burger bar and shopping mall on the site of an historical massacre. HELP TO STOP THEM NOW - before Glencoe ends up like Urquhart Castle: raped and prostituted for greed.

Goodbye beautiful Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness 

Sadly Hysterical Scotland has been allowed to destroy world renowned Urquhart Castle.The systematic scrubbing of the democratic process by Prime Minister Tony Blair, his henchmen and his cronies has effectively allowed local government (elected by local people) to be trampled. We are now witnessing the results of the most sick and crass kind of quango-led greed. The pictures above show you how Urquhart Castle looks now. The site was totally ruined forever in a few short months.

Ask yourself: Do you really want to spend your holiday and your money visiting a modern tatty monstrosity built to milk money out of a cherished ancient castle ruin, Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness? All you would see is the destruction of one of the most beautiful and famous parts of the Highlands of Scotland. There are plenty of other lovely places to visit nearby. Many people emailed us with their own view of this catastrophe.

Historic Scotland's own remit says: "we safeguard and protect the nation's built heritage". What a sham, what a sick joke.

Look at these pictures - they are just a few pictures of the mess made of Urquhart Castle - we suffered up to 70 huge lorries per day trucking through our tiny local village as they dumped some 80,000 cubic metres of slag on this once unspolit beautiful site. They even decided to pour raw sewage from the visitor centre into the once lovely waters of Loch Ness, which people enjoy swimming in!

Shame on you Historic Scotland. You are a disgrace. You didn't even wait long to break pledges on not cashing in on Nessie at your location that was promised to be retained and marketed as only the historic site of Urquhart Castle.

Boycott all Historic Scotland properties NOW!